The Younger generation

Age calls the tune, Youths over soon
that is the natural law
there's a younger generation knock knock knocking at the door
- Noël Coward

It's very interesting to see how many 'ex pros' children end up working in the theatre or the entertainment business. Of course there are not the opportunities now as there used to be, as every seaside town had a summer show running for about 5 months, and some had four or five – or in the case of Blackpool about fifteen! Then pantomimes were about three to four months, so pros had quite a bit of work. However, some of the 'Fols' children have got the 'bug' and are working or have worked in the entertainment industry.

Peter Felgate's son Nicholas (Nick) by his wife Phillis Harcourt (a talented dancer who did several seasons in the Fols) had a very illustrious start in life, as his Godfather (also a Fol) was Leslie Crowther. He began his career by working at Lloyds in the city, but also worked in Cabaret, building up many connections. When he married a Cypriot girl Lena they went to live in Cyprus and he became firmly established as an entertainer working in hotels and Army bases. His son, Ritchie, works out there with him as a professional singer, guitarist and composer. So both carrying on the 'Felgate' name and tradition of performers.

Norma Arnould, Principal Dancer in the show in the late 50's and early 60's, married Mark Macdonald, an Australian TV and film camera man who went on to have his own production company. They had two children, Guy and Victoria (Vicky). Vicky trained at the Phyl and Norma Arnould School. Norma was now teaching with her mother and the school was very successful. Vicky went to 'finish' her training at Bush Davies School at East Grinstead (now no more) and then began her career in professional theatre. She worked mainly dancing on TV for the choreographer 'Lud' doing shows with Marti Caire, Val Doonican, Lena Zavaroni, among others, and many 'Seaside Specials' and Royal Variety Shows. She became a hostess on the TV Quiz show 'Winner Takes All'. Vicky now teaches with her mother at the 'Arnould School' and is married with three children, the youngest two – Olivia and Benjamin – dance and have appeared in the school show and Olivia in many 'Old Time' Music Hall Shows, in and around London.

Pamela Cundell, comedienne in the Scarborough 'Fols' 1957, has a daughter Katherine (Kissy). She trained with Phyl and Norma Arnould Dance School and then went on to work in the professional theatre, doing several pantomimes at Boreham Wood for 'Charles Haley Productions'. She is now married with children and runs a 'Stagecoach' Performing Arts School in Hertfordshire.

Jennifer and Philip had two boys, Noël and Léon, who both danced, sang and played piano and violin. They carried on the 'Charles' theatrical and musical talent, and both appeared in many pantos and shows whilst growing up. They both went to the 'Purcell School for Musically Gifted Children' and then went on to Oxford (Noël) and Cambridge (Léon) where they both were Organ Scholars at their colleges, and both took 'Firsts' when they graduated. Noël now runs the 'London Piano School' and has been playing for the Royal Ballet at the Opera house for two years, and Léon has been playing for West End Musicals and Concerts and is writing several musicals. Their granddad 'Hughie' would be very proud.

It's good to see that the next generation are still waving the theatrical flag!