Fols Reunion 12:00 Noon Monday 21st October 2013

Programme cover Hastings 1962

Event: There is to be a reunion/gathering of former "Fols" at the Club for Artists and Actors (formerly the Concert Artists Association)

Location: 20, Bedford Street, Covent Garden WC2E 9HP ( Map )

Date: 12:00 Noon | Monday 21st October 2013.

Info: The reunion has been arranged by Howarth Nuttall (Howard Layton ) (Scarborough 1957) and his wife Kay Carman and they have arranged the big room downstairs from 12 noon for the event. I am contacting as many people as I can to see if you would like to attend - there are not that many of us left!

If you have contact with anyone that I have not please let them know, or contact me for more details.

Best wishes

Jennifer Haley