Newsletter February 2015

Dear Friends and ex-"Fols"

Firstly I must apologise for this very long overdue News Letter. 2014 was a really busy year for me and I travelled around the world, twice i think, both for work and pleasure.

Last year was very sad for our Fols friends as we lost 4 lovely men and I am personally very sad about this.

Darling Peter Felgate died in February 2014 at the wonderful age of 94. Im so pleased that I had had much contact with him over the past 5 or 6 years, and Norma (Arnould) and I used to go down regularly to Eastbourne and go to the Hydro Hotel (his favourite) for lunch, with Maggie and Peter.

I miss him very much as apart from being such good company, he was such a fountain of knowledge about the theatre and especially the Fol de Rols.

Chris Bryant who had been stage manager and who lived in Scarborough, died in the summer. There had been a reunion up in Scarborough in 2013 with some of his contemporaries (photo below).

Then Howell Evans (Pat Kane and Howell Evans) died in the autumn. He and Pat did several seasons and tours with the Fols as well as working in Variety and Howell had a very successful career as an actor, and he died in harness still filming the comedy show "Stella" where he played the bumbling Welsh "Daddy". More about Pat and Howell in a long overdue article which I shall tackle soon!

Lastly dear Howarth Nuttall who contracted Pneumonia after a knee replacement. He died in hospital just before Christmas.  Im sure that you will all send good wishes and thoughts to all their widows. The great reaper certainly had a field year with ex Fols!


We had a wonderful reunion at the CAA in October 2013 arranged by Howarth and Kay his wife and it was so lovely to see the "Old Fols", especially the line up of Gorgeous Dancers.

There was also a reunion for Dotty Wayne also at the CAA in the summer and of course Dotty did several seasons in the "Fols", and she now lives in Australia. Lots of friends there and it was lovely to see them and to meet Dotty.

I have had many emails from ex fols and fans of the show and its very gratifying to know that the show and its performers are still remembered. Most interesting as well was an email from George Royle's grandson, who lives in New Zealand! Please keep the emails coming in.

Below is a selection of photos of the various reunions and of our dear friends no longer with us. I wish you all a Happy 2015 and do please keep in touch . Its lovely hearing from you.

Best Wishes and Love to you all.

Jennifer Haley

Peter Felgate

Peter Felgate 1919 - 2014

Howell Evans

Howell Evans 1928 - 2014