Newsletter July 2013

Programme cover Hastings 1962

Hastings 1962

It has been such a pleasure to hear from ex Fols fans and friends from all over the world since I posted the last "Fols" newsletter. Have heard from many ex dancers as of course sadly they are amongst the few people left who were in the Fol de Rols shows.

I had a wonderful lunch party last December and it was so good to see Sue Cole and her husband Jim , Derek Jones, who was the Drummer with the show in the 1960s ( and also a good friend of my husband Phillip ) and Sandra Wrennell ( now Sandy Daykin).

It was such an emotional reunion for me as Sandra and I hadn't seen each other for 45 years! I'm so pleased that others in the companies are having reunions as I see on Facebook that there is to be one in Scarborough this month with Howard ( Howarth ) Nuttall , Jacqui Prescott ( Preston ) Ursula ( Gayler ) Jenny Martin ( Hier ) and Bill Morton. Hope it goes well folks!

They were all Fols in the late 50's and early 60's. Norma (Arnould ) and I have made regular trips to Eastbourne to see Peter Felgate and Maggie and we have such an enjoyable time reliving the past and recherche(ing ) les temps Perdue!

They have sold their lovely house in Willingdon and are moving in to Eastbourne to a flat in the Meads where they will be nearer to the town and the shops. I hope to see them soon as I'm going to stay in Eastbourne during the week of June 18th as my youngest son Leon is the musical director for the touring musical "High Society " which is at the Congress Theatre that week and we have hired a bungalow at Pevensey.

It will be memory lane in a big way as Phil and I met there in 1967 in the Fols at the Congress and I think a few tears will be shed. I so wish that Phillip and indeed Hughie could see Leon in the pit at the theatre. How proud they would be.

I have also heard from various people who have bought scenery and costumes and mementos of the show at the auction of the contents of the farm at Horam which was sold off several years ago. Incidentally I drove past there last year and went in. The scenery barn is pulled down and a lovely house built there now. The original house where Hugh and Joan lived is derelict and coming down and where the stables that housed the costumes are two holiday cottages are to be built.

Meanwhile please keep the feed back coming in - I love to hear from you all especially Ex Fols. Keep going!

Jennifer Haley