Newsletter September 2010

Programme cover Hastings 1962

Hastings 1962

The website has now been up for over a year and I am so thrilled with the response that I have received from all the people that have contacted me.

When I had the idea of the site I was told by some people - no one will remember, no one cares, no one is interested - how wrong they were.

I would like to thank some of the people that I have heard from , namely - David Colwill, Billie Trepass (Hazel Coleman), Neil Huitson, Bill Morton.Brien Fielden, Ursula Gaylor, Howarth Nuttall, Gwen Johns, Geoffrey Peake, Mike Phillips, Jacquie Preston [Prescott], David Anderson, Scott Henderson, Mike Hopkins, Paul Coleman, Diana Pilling [Osbourne] and Lyn Hardy Smith and Allen at Paul Smith who bought fols scenery at the auction.

I have been given the most wonderful help from Peter Felgat, ,now an even spryer 90 year old well and kicking [not literally] and living in Eastbourne with his wife [also an ex fol] Maggie McDonald.


Peter gave me all the fols programmes going back to the 40s and has lent me a box of tapes, his memoirs and reminiscences throughout his life and of course this takes in much of the fols history.

I am about to return these to him but have made a copy of the recording of the fols show at Scarborough in 1957 with Lesley Crowther, Joan Mann, Pamela Cundell, Peter Felgate, Norma Arnould, Howarth Nuttall and company. It has such gems as "shimmy", "can can", "whitch switch", "pedro the fisheman", "scottish ballet", to name but a few.

Finally do keep sending me your feed back. I intend to do articles on the pellham puppets, the fols dancers, Hughie Charles and Joan Mann - any other ideas?

I dedicate this web site to three remarkable men: Phillip Charles, Hugh Charles and Peter Felgate.