Mystery Photograph

George Royle's Fol de Rols

George Royle's Fol de Rols 1920 Scarborough

Can you help identify the people in this picture? Click to see the full-sized version.

Apart from the obvious in the written title, I am unable to provide you with any other details as to who the people are. Perhaps the identities of the subjects may be familiar to you and provide a clue. It appears to be a 1920s photo to me...

David Santwyk-Anderson
Melbourne, Australia



George Royle's Fol de Rols

1. Felgate King  4. George Royle  10. Will Kings  11. Elsie Mayfair.

Peter Felgate has identified a number of the people in the photograph.

Including those identified by number (left) we also know that Tom Burke, Percy B. Khan, Daniel Nelson and Adela Verne were in the Scarborough company in 1920.

Update 2

(via email from James Hogg)

I wonder if the lady seated on the left of the middle row could be Joan Revel (no. 2 in image above). I have a similar photo of the Fol de Rols in 1931 showing Joan and her husband the mandolin player Mario de Pietro. Joan's pose and demeanour are quite similar to the lady in your photo of a year earlier. I hope this is of interest.

Joan's real name was Joan Shelmerdine and she was a cousin of my Uncle Tony Shelmerdine.